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Table 3 Highest values of various characteristics for no garden, garden-adjacent, and garden-containing tracts

From: Gardening in the desert: a spatial optimization approach to locating gardens in rapidly expanding urban environments

Tract type Land use characteristics Food deserts Housing Socio-demographics Food outlets Urban design and transportation
Contains garden Industrial Low access low income share at 1/2-mile (0.8 km) % Vacant housing units % Black # Supermarkets  
Neighborhood commercial    % Hispanic # Convenience outlets  
Educational    % Food stamps # Bakeries  
Office     # Restaurants  
Medical     # Other grocery outlets % Drove alone to work
     # Fruit and vegetable outlets % Non-auto commuters
      % < 15 min commute
      % ≥ 30 min commute
Garden-adjacent Multi-family residential     # Specialty food outlets  
     # Meat and fish outlets  
No gardens Single-family residential low density Low access kids’ share at 1/2-mile (0.8 km) Median home value % Bachelor’s   
Single-family residential medium density   % Owner occupied    
Single-family residential high density      
Developable agriculture      
Developable land      
Developing residential      
  1. Table shows only results significant at the 10% level or better