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Table 2 Descriptive characteristics of POS visits (n = 373)

From: Factors related with public open space use among adolescents: a study using GPS and accelerometers

Company (% of POS visits; multiple answers possible) % (n = 373)
 Friends/classmates 59.8
 Siblings/cousins 16.4
 Parents/grandparents 16.4
 Alone 15.6
 Organisation 2.5
Location (% of POS visits)
 Public transportation stop/station 71.0
 Street 9.4
 Parking lot 5.4
 Square 3.5
 Shopping street 3.2
 Sport field/playground 2.9
 Park 2.9
 Shopping mall 1.3
 Vacant lot 0.3
Reasons for POS visit (% of POS visits; multiple answers possible)
 I had to wait for something/someone here (e.g., train) 30.3
 My friends/classmates/siblings/cousins wanted go there 17.4
 Other (e.g., for shopping purposes, easy to meet up) 17.4
 This POS is close to my home/school 13.8
 I was going somewhere else and decided to stay there 10.1
 It is a habit to go there 8.3
 There is a nice atmosphere 4.6
 My parent want me to go there/I am not allowed to go anywhere else 4.6
 There is sport infrastructure available 4.6
 This POS is easy accessible 3.7
 I know this place for a long time and I am familiar with this POS 1.8
Activity in POS (self-reported; multiple answers possible)
 Standing 43.1
 Walking 38.5
 Sitting/lying down 13.8
 Ball sports 6.4
 Biking 2.8
 Other 1.8
 Skateboarding/BMX/roller-skating 0.9
 Active games 0.9
 Jogging 0.9
  1. POS public open space