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Table 1 Commercial geospatial data resources for geocoding patient addresses, estimating travel times, and characterising patients’ neighbourhoods

From: A cross-sectional ecological analysis of international and sub-national health inequalities in commercial geospatial resource availability

Geospatial resource Description Web link
ESRI geocoding resources Underpinning resources for geocoding via API, desktop and online software
Pitney Bowes Geocoding API
TomTom Resources for geocoding API
MapBox Resources for geocoding API
Loqate Resources for geocoding service
Patient travel
ESRI/HERE Underpinning resources for travel time estimation via API, desktop and online software
Google traffic/speed limits Resources accessible via Google Maps API
iGeoloise TravelTime Platform Resources for API for computing travel times via public transport and driving
TomTom API resources for routing and drive-times
MapBox Directions API Resources for travel time API
Neighbourhood characterisation
Michael Bauer Area statistics covering topics such as population, age-sex structure, consumer lifestyles, unemployment and purchasing power
Mosaic Global geodemographic resources Area statistics based on consumer classification system
Cameo International Area statistics based on consumer classification system
Maptitude Spatially disaggregated demographic data that are more than headcounts