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Table 5 Inequalities in geocoding success rates, relative to area deprivation (for 984 health facilities in 25 districts in Eastern Region, Ghana and 298 schools in 20 LGAs in Lagos State, Nigeria)

From: A cross-sectional ecological analysis of international and sub-national health inequalities in commercial geospatial resource availability

Case study details Relative concentration index Slope index of inequality (95% confidence intervals)
Eastern Region, Ghana
Geocoding success rate for health facilities
 Relative to UNICEF District League Table 0.14 6.87 (− 2.24 to 15.97)
 Relative to bespoke district deprivation index 0.20 9.57 (0.93–18.21)
Lagos State, Nigeria
Geocoding success rate for schools
 Relative to LGA deprivation index 0.00 − 1.99 (− 24.41 to 20.43)