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Table 3 Road classification and speed

From: Cross-border spatial accessibility of health care in the North-East Department of Haiti

Country Road type Speed
Haiti* National roads 70 km/h
Departmental roads and segment of national roads in living areas 50 km/h
Communal roads, local roads, streets 30 km/h
Track and others, unclassified roads 15 km/h
Pathways 3 km/h
Dominican Republic** Major roads and regional roads 80 km/h
Local roads 50 km/h
Streets 35 km/h
Country roads 30 km/h
Others, unclassified roads 15 km/h
Pathways 3 km/h
  1. Sources: *MTPTC 2015; CIAT 2010
  2. **2010 at; DIGESETT, Ley 241-67