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Table 3 Articles selected for inclusion for systematic review

From: A systematic review of spatial decision support systems in public health informatics supporting the identification of high risk areas for zoonotic disease outbreaks

Article number First author Tool Year Intervention
1 Ali ID-Viewer 2016 Development of visual analytics decision support system for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization for surveillance tasks
2 Bui Unnamed online analytical tool 2016 Development of web-based integrated system for malaria surveillance
3 Carney DYCAST 2011 Development of early warning system for West Nile virus outbreaks
4 Chen Unnamed online analytical tool 2016 Development of online platform to monitor dengue fever
5 Delmelle H.EL.P. 2011 Development of decision support system for practitioners to understand disease dynamics
6 Gesteland EpiCanvas 2012 Development of interactive visualization system for disease surveillance
7 Guo OSCAR 2017 Development of framework to integrate spatial analysis, and data aggregation
8 Iannetti SIMAN 2014 Integrated web support system in veterinary epidemic emergencies
9 Kelly SDSS 2013 Development of a surveillance response system for Malaria elimination
10 Rao SEARUMS 2008 Development of modeling tool to study avian influenza outbreaks, for scenario analysis and visualization
11 Vanmeule-brouke HIV/AIDS tool 2008 A system to explore hypothesis testing though data integration and visualization to manage HIV/AIDS
12 Wangdi SDSS for malaria elimination 2016 Development of spatial decision support system to aid malaria elimination
  1. Article numbers assigned refer to the associated SDSS, and will be used to refer to specific papers in later tables