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Table 1 Residential lot counts at successive stages of processing, from input to final ULI estimates

From: The Urban Liveability Index: developing a policy-relevant urban liveability composite measure and evaluating associations with transport mode choice

Geographic scale Processing stage n
Disaggregated points  
Residential lot 2012 G-NAF (Victoria) 3,238,149
  Within metropolitan Melbourne 2,259,075
  Within Mesh Blocks with 2011 dwelling count > 0 2,095,669
  Duplicate coordinates collapsed to unique location 1,554,624
  In SA1 with IRSD 1,550,688
  With valid indicators 1,550,641
Aggregate areas   
Mesh Block 2011 ABS data (Victoria) 81,377
  Within metropolitan Melbourne 52,128
  With > 0 dwellings 44,581
  Associated with addresses with valid indicators 42,154
Statistical Area 1 (SA1) 2011 ABS data (Victoria) 13,339
  Within metropolitan Melbourne 9404
  With IRSD 9115
  Associated with addresses with valid indicators 8958
Local Government Areas (LGA)
  2011 ABS data (Victoria) 81
  Within metropolitan Melbourne 33
  Associated with addresses with valid indicators 31
  1. Counts for the administrative boundaries residential lots correspond to when aggregated are also presented