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Table 3 Summarises the environmental characteristics along the walking routes home recorded in the PEAR dataset

From: GIS-modelled built-environment exposures reflecting daily mobility for applications in child health research

Distance (km)1.511.370.
Bluespace (%)20039394.1120.734.97
Traffic lights (n)00013134.7829.961.16
Pedestrian crossing (n)10010102.668.001.36
Accidents (n)21024242.708.983.36
Main road (%)262001001000.76− 0.4825.81
Residential road (%)535101001000.21− 0.9625.77
Footpath (%)2923098980.77− 0.2424.09
Minor road (%)116098982.467.2315.91
Food outlets (n)52063633.3013.718.38
  1. Bluespace (%) describes the percentage of the route that is within 50 m of bluespaces. Main road, residential road, footpath and minor road describe the percentage of the route that traverses these road types. Traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, accidents and exposure are counts of these features