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Table 2 Mean differences and statistical significance of the negative emotion rates with respect to time

From: Spatio-temporal distribution of negative emotions on Twitter during floods in Chennai, India, in 2015: a post hoc analysis

Negative emotionTimeMean differenceSignificance (99% confidence interval)
AngerBefore vs. during disaster− 0.03836< 0.01
During vs. after disaster0.08694< 0.01
After vs. before disaster− 0.04859< 0.01
DisgustBefore vs. during disaster− 0.06516< 0.01
During vs. after disaster0.06292< 0.01
After vs. before disaster0.002250.886
FearBefore vs. during disaster− 0.15866< 0.01
During vs. after disaster0.16104< 0.01
After vs. before disaster− 0.002380.949
SadBefore vs. during disaster− 0.07404< 0.01
During vs. after disaster0.08871< 0.01
After vs. before disaster− 0.014680.193