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Table 1 Subjective ratings of the walking environment in a neighbourhood

From: Neighbourhood environment and depressive symptoms among the elderly in Hong Kong and Singapore

Dimension Variables
Comfort There are too many people on the streets and it makes it difficult or unpleasant to walk
There are covered sidewalks and/or indoor area (e.g. shopping centre) to walk
The degree of air pollution is high in my neighbourhood
There are enough beautification and enhanced greenery along the streets in my neighbourhood
There are many attractive sceneries to look at while walking in my neighbourhood
Streets are not clean in my neighbourhood
Convenience It is easy to walk to transport stations from my home
Stores are within easy walking distance of my home
There are many alternative routes for getting from place to place in my neighbourhood
There are clear road signs and pedestrian signals
There are enough facilities to take rest (e.g. benches)
Pedestrian bridges or subways are well equipped with sufficient lifts or escalators
Safety There is so much traffic that it makes me feel insecure to walk on the streets
The pedestrian green light time is too short for me to cross the road safely
The crime condition in my neighbourhood makes it unsafe to walk
Sidewalks conditions are poor (Not flat or slippery)
There are many slopes or stairs that make me feel insecure to walk
My neighbourhood streets are not well lit at night