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Table 2 Summary of variety in objective measures characteristics: organised by the output units, citation, a brief of the tools and inclusion and exclusions criteria

From: Children’s outdoor active mobility behaviour and neighbourhood safety: a systematic review in measurement methods and future research directions

The output unit of measured COAMB Citation Tools used + duration in survey
Data registry (epoch)
Temporal measures (if present) (i.e. weekdays vs weekends or time segments of the day before and after school)
of collected GPS COAMB data
[33] Accelerometer for 8 consecutive days
Epoch not reported during non-school hours
Compared outside school hours for weekdays and weekends (before school [6 am] to school first bell) and evening (6–9 pm)
4 weekdays and at least 1 weekend for inclusion; data were excluded for any day if fewer than 10,000 and over 20 million steps counted to calculate MVPA
[45] Accelerometer for 7 days
30-s epochs
10 h wear time for inclusion with no more than 20 min of consecutive zero counts and at least 3 days of accepted measures
[36] Accelerometer for 7 days
5-secs epochs
Compared outside school hours for weekdays and weekends
10 h wearing time for 3 weekdays and 1 weekend day for inclusion in the analysis, MVPA > 3,581 counts per minute
[41] Accelerometer for 7 days
Every 749/30-s epochs), + GPS 10-s epochs (cleaned and resampled to 30-s
Compared outside school hours for weekdays and weekends (before school hours 8:00–8:45 am, after school 2:30–7:00 pm and weekends) + travel diary
Accelerometer outside school hours, 3 h or more of data (weekdays) and 7 h of data (weekend)
GPS inclusion of data was not reported
Activity space [49] Pedometer for 9 days
and mapping destination
Epoch not reported
Data with 1,000–30,000 steps daily included
At least 4 days of data
First and last day of measures removed from the analysis
Active transportation [16] GPS in a wearable watch for 7 days
Data excluded with < 10 h GPS data and participants with < 4 days of 10 h GPS data (adopted from accelerometer standard measures)
Proximity [28] GPS + mobility diary for 7 days
5-s epochs
No report of details
Neighbourhood activity space [52] GPS for 7 days
Recorded each second
Compared outside school hours for weekdays and weekends
3 h of out-of-school wearing time GPS (two weekdays) and 4 h of one weekend day
Guided by accelerometer for inclusion
Active outdoor play (daily average) [40] GPS + accelerometer for 7 days
Remove < 10 h of accelerometer or GPS wear time or less than 15-s epochs