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Table 3 Summary results for the four evaluation criteria in unadjusted data and best-performing adjusted malaria dataset for individuals of all ages

From: Estimating the local spatio‐temporal distribution of malaria from routine health information systems in areas of low health care access and reporting

Dataset Ratio of average incidence in dataset to incidence in optimal access areas Ratio of incidence
< 5 km to > 5 km from a health center
Ratio of incidence in fee-exemption to non-fee-exemption areas in dataset % of hotspot clusters overlapped between dataset and IHOPE cohort data
Unadjusted register data 0.26 2.74 2.08 7
2 nearest neighbors, utilization index 0.08–1 1.29 1.10 1.29 14
  1. An equivalent table for children under 5 years can be found in Additional file 1: Table S2