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Table 2 Comparison of feature generation techniques

From: Mapathons versus automated feature extraction: a comparative analysis for strengthening immunization microplanning

Mapathon Indicator Automated feature extraction
A. generic indicators
60 days Time 9 days
Cost of organizational ArcGIS Online licenses (creator license = $1000/year, Editor license = $200/year). Labor cost for coordinators (based on salary of coordinators). Participants were unpaid volunteers Costa to conduct project $25,000 for 6146 km2
Specialized application development expertise required of coordinators Skill level Specialized machine-learning expertise required
Smaller geographic regions Area (best suited for) Larger geographic areas
B. Performance Indicators
92,713 Number of structures identified 53,150
+20,804 Difference in structures identified compared to microplan +8142
28% Non-compound match rate (%befriended) 30%
30,904 Number of compounds identified 43,395
84.50% True positive percent 90.50%
648,991 Estimated populationb 911,302
  1. aCost does not take cost of imagery into account, as imagery did not have a stand-alone procurement fee for the specific event studied here
  2. bPopulation was estimated by applying the following assumptions to the mapathon and AFE data: a compound consists of 3 households and a household consists of 7 individuals