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Table 2 Activity space characteristics among FSWs living with HIV in Santo Domingo (N = 51 participants, 1740 points recorded and 339 observations over 7 days)

From: Participatory geographic mapping and activity space diaries: innovative data collection methods for understanding environmental risk exposures among female sex workers in a low-to middle-income country

  Mean SD Range
Average number of travel diaries completed 6 0.9 [0–7]
Average number of locations visited per day 4 1.5 [1–11]
(Approximate) average time tracked per day (minute) 1175 365.1 [30–1440]
(Approximate) average path distance per day (meters) 17,158 29,022.0 [0–395569]
  1. Notes. FSWs female sex workers, SD standard deviation; mean based on non-missing data (< 10% missing on any variable)