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Table 4 Sociodemographic, PA and mode of commuting factors of parents as predictors of IM in adolescents

From: Parent’s sociodemographic factors, physical activity and active commuting are predictors of independent mobility to school

Models Predictors B OR 95% CI p-value R2
Model 1 Mother salary/month < 1.000 € 1.821 6.18 (1.77–21.55) 0.004 0.197
Model 2 Mother passive commuting to work 0.726 2.47 (1.02–5.99) 0.045 0.038
Model 3 No car availability 1.876 6.53 (2.23–19.08) 0.001 0.173
  1. B B value, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, R2 Nagelkerke correlation
  2. Model 1: Sociodemographic factors only (i.e., age, educational level, salary/month, car availability, and family affluence scale II)
  3. Model 2: Physical activity and mode of commuting to work factors only (Active or passive commuting to work, distance of commuting to work, and complied to 150-min MVPA)
  4. Model 3: Combination of all the factors, Sociodemographic, physical activity and mode of commuting