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Table 1 List of static and dynamic variables used to predict malaria proportion

From: Remote sensing of environmental risk factors for malaria in different geographic contexts

Type Description Source Name Units
Dynamic variables Daytime temperature Terra MODIS LST °C
Annual rainfall IMERG PREC mm
Normalized difference vegetation index MODIS NBAR NDVI Index
Normalized difference moisture index MODIS NBAR NDMI Index
  Distance to seasonal waterbodies Landsat OLI DISTSW m
Static variables Settlement mean density PlanetScope SETME Index
Settlement max density PlanetScope SETMX Index
Area below 2 m above nearest drainage DEM, Stream network HAND %
Wetland cover Midekisa et al. [27] WETL %
Woody vegetation cover Midekisa et al. [27] WOODY %
Cropland cover Midekisa et al. [27] CROP %
Open water cover Midekisa et al. [27] WATER %
Sparse vegetation cover Midekisa et al. [27] SPVEG %
Irrigation cover Digitized from Google Earth IRRI %
  1. Dynamic variables were summarized for each year for the dry season (_dr), rainy season (_rn), and transition season (_tr)