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Table 4 Environmental features of interest identified in activity spaces using an historic GSV approach

From: Improving spatial data in health geographics: a practical approach for testing data to measure children’s physical activity and food environments using Google Street View

Feature Coordinates identified (n) % (row)
Footpath 3378 65.0%
Cycleways 9 0.2%
Public transport 21 0.4%
Pedestrian crossings 72 1.4%
On-street parking 1310 25.4%
Traffic calming features 230 4.5%
Parks, playgrounds, physical activity features 67 1.3%
Food outlets† 79 1.5%
Total 5166 100%
  1. NB: This number only includes food outlets that were identified in activity spaces, and does not include the 644 food outlets validated using open-source data