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Table 1 Parameters for assessing intrusion into the user’s privacy.

From: Development of a Web GIS for small-scale detection and analysis of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) cases based on volunteered geographic information for the city of Cologne, Germany, in July/August 2020

Parameter Description
Aggregation a. Are the data from users/user groups aggregated?
b. Is it possible to draw conclusions about individuals?
Retention periods a. How long are the data retained?
b. Do time limits exist?
Feedback/Transparency a. To what extent is feedback given to the user?
b. How clearly are data protection aspects communicated?
Notices a. How are collected data made available?
b. Which data have to be made available to a user?
User control/consistency a. Can the user control what data are collected from them?
Minimization a. Are only the minimum necessary spatial data collected?
Secondary use a. To what extent are data reused outside the application?
Distribution a. Can data be sold to third parties?
Purposefulness a. Is the collection of data justified by the context of the application?