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Table 2 Summary measures of average and maximum deviation per type of day

From: Deviations from typical paths: a novel approach to working with GPS data in the behavioral sciences

   Commute (n = 35) Commute-and-shop (n = 10) Destination (n = 5)
Mean sd Mean sd Mean sd
Estimated typical path Average 425 13 499 14 3460 2197
  Maximum 1805 148 2044 149 6190 3767
True commute route Average 161 6 226 6 2855 2425
  Maximum 566 87 1601 127 5492 3971
  1. Summarizing deviations (meters) from both the estimated typical path and true commute route within each day uncovered anticipated trends in travel behavior for this individual. Specifically, the greatest deviations were found on the destination days and smallest deviations were found on commute days. Shopping trips were reflected with increased deviations on commute-and-shop days relative to commute-only days. Smaller deviations were recorded when using the true commute route as the reference path. sd = standard deviation of the daily measured deviations.